Shaun Thibert

Financial Advisor

Shaun is a Kelowna based financial advisor with Lakeside Wealth Management, who helps people to invest and manage portfolios based on their goals. He works closely with clients to guide them in making informed and rational decisions about their money.

For the first twenty years of his life, Shaun grew up in the beautiful mountain town of Revelstoke BC.  He has since resided in Kelowna and it has become his home.  In 2000, he moved to Kelowna to attend Okanagan University College, and within the first semester he met his loving wife Pam.  They are proud parents to Hudson and “Dog Whisperer”–inspired pack leaders to their Husky Sheppard dog Juno.

Shaun’s career began in 2005 and has continually evolved from a sole practitioner to becoming a partner in a multi-advisor, multi-disciplinary firm, where the client’s best interests come first, last and always.  

When Shaun isn’t working or studying to advance his skills and knowledge, he can be found either spending quality time with his family or in a Bikram yoga studio.


Insurance products available through Shaun Andrew Jean Thibert.